Keck Medicine of USC is the University of Southern California’s medical enterprise, one of only two university-owned academic medical centers in the Los Angeles area.

Patient Stories

Heartfelt Hairstyles

High blood pressure almost took Raul Rodriguez’s life. He’s a professional hairdresser who lives in Los Angeles County. The 55-year-old man had to put his life on pause to undergo open-heart surgery to correct a problem with his aorta. “On the week of Christmas back in 2014, I started to get really tired and I ...   Read More »

Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Inside Warren Knape’s La Habra home, the walls are lined with books. In the living room, a shelving unit overflows with paperbacks and hardcovers. Stacks of work-related reading material sit on his desk. Warren, 87, lives with his wife Doris in this cozy, sleepy town. A voracious reader, he started a book club at his ...   Read More »

A dime-sized device is helping to keep heart failure patients out of the hospital.

“It’s a cute little thing with sort of paperclips on each end,” says 73-year-old Carole Sharp. The Placentia resident isn’t referring to a whimsical handicraft posted on Etsy but, rather, the first and only FDA-approved medical device designed to keep heart-failure patients — like her — out of the hospital. Called the CardioMEMS™ HF System, ...   Read More »

Distance runner sees fast recovery with new type of pacemaker

Steve Chaffee loves to exercise. A former marathon runner, the Sierra Madre resident modified his routine as the years went by but he still ran every day, entered 10K runs and maintained a steady weightlifting routine. A couple of years ago he noticed he couldn’t run as long as he used to. Alarmed, he scheduled ...   Read More »

93 and Still Going Strong

For most of the 35 years since her retirement as a layout and graphic design artist, Eula-Lee Geisert, 93, has kept physically active. A Sierra Club leader, she regularly hiked in the San Gabriel Mountains and visited the gym five days a week. But early in 2013, she found herself short of breath, unable to ...   Read More »

Technology Takes on Hypertension

Technology Takes on Hypertension: USC clinical trial controls blood pressure with device Tim Shockley found hypertension medication as difficult to live with as the disease itself. He enrolled in a cutting-edge clinical trial at Keck Medicine of USC and is now controlling his blood pressure with the aid of a small medical device implanted in ...   Read More »