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Patient Stories

The Keck Effect: More Romantic Weekends

It was like a scene from a movie. Romney Mawhorter remembers the helicopter landing on the roof of Keck Hospital of USC. He remembers the team of doctors and nurses running to the chopper, yelling in order to be heard over the whipping of the helicopter blades. Only a few hours earlier, Mawhorter and his Read more

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Heartfelt Hairstyles

High blood pressure almost took Raul Rodriguez’s life. He’s a professional hairdresser who lives in Los Angeles County. The 55-year-old man had to put his life on pause to undergo open-heart surgery to correct a problem with his aorta. “On the week of Christmas back in 2014, I started to get really tired and I Read more

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Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Inside Warren Knape’s La Habra home, the walls are lined with books. In the living room, a shelving unit overflows with paperbacks and hardcovers. Stacks of work-related reading material sit on his desk. Warren, 87, lives with his wife Doris in this cozy, sleepy town. A voracious reader, he started a book club at his Read more

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Distance runner sees fast recovery with new type of pacemaker

Steve Chaffee loves to exercise. A former marathon runner, the Sierra Madre resident modified his routine as the years went by but he still ran every day, entered 10K runs and maintained a steady weightlifting routine. A couple of years ago he noticed he couldn’t run as long as he used to. Alarmed, he scheduled Read more

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93 and Still Going Strong

For most of the 35 years since her retirement as a layout and graphic design artist, Eula-Lee Geisert, 93, has kept physically active. A Sierra Club leader, she regularly hiked in the San Gabriel Mountains and visited the gym five days a week. But early in 2013, she found herself short of breath, unable to Read more

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Technology Takes on Hypertension

Technology Takes on Hypertension: USC clinical trial controls blood pressure with device Tim Shockley found hypertension medication as difficult to live with as the disease itself. He enrolled in a cutting-edge clinical trial at Keck Medicine of USC and is now controlling his blood pressure with the aid of a small medical device implanted in Read more

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